UAE’s First Surgery of its Kind by Dr Baiju Senadhipan

Dr Senadhipan who is now also the Consulting GI Surgeon at Dubai’s International Modern Hospital, performed a rare cancer surgery with total laparoscopic approach last week.A Ukrainian patient was successfully operated for removing an uncommon cancer tumor called GIST that had grown in patient’s rectum very close to the anal opening. Bleeding was the only symptom which can potentially be interpreted wrongly as Hemorrhoids (Piles) by unsuspecting patients and primary care physicians.

However, a proper diagnosis by the specialists helped patient to schedule this cancer surgery at the earliest. Surgeons choosing conventional open surgery struggle with limited space in human pelvis while operating in lower rectal area. Also the tumor size in this patient was exceptionally large which would make even laparoscopic surgery with slender instruments challenging.

However with expert laparoscopic skills of Dr Senadhipan and team, this surgery called Total Lap LAR with Colo-Anal anastomosis for tumor size of 8cm X 6cm was very successful. Patient recovered completely with out developing any post operative complications and got discharged from the hospital successfully.

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